Why Every Beer Serving Establishment Needs Consistent Line Cleaning

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Why Every Beer Serving Establishment Needs Consistent Line Cleaning

Draft beer line cleaning is an often overlooked yet crucial aspect of establishment's maintenance. Without clean beer lines, the quality of your beer diminishes significantly; with clean draft beer lines, your customers are more satisfied with the flavor and quality of your brews. Maintaining the cleanliness of your establishment's draft beer system is the best way to ensure quality pours and customer satisfaction.

Breaking Down the Draft Line System

Beer lines have several different components that each affect the function and flavor experience.

Beer line components include:

  • Kegs: The keg is where beer is stored to prevent it from losing carbonation and becoming flat.
  • Couplers: Keg couplers connect the air line, or carbon dioxide tank, to the beer line. The keg coupler ensures that the beer can be pushed out of the keg and into your glass.
  • Beer lines: Beer lines are the tubes that carry the beer from the keg to your glass.
  • Faucets: By directing the flow of beer from the beer line, the beer faucet ensures that you get the perfect pour every time.

How do residue and build-up affect the draft system?

Bacterial growth affects both the taste and function of draft lines. The excess bacteria inhibits the full flavor of the brew, while also causing the risk of breaking down the draft system material, resulting in the potential need for expensive repairs. Without routine cleaning, yeast, mold, beer stone, and other contaminants can cause a sour flavor in beer lines and other nasty, unfavorable taste profiles.

If you fail to clean your draft system regularly, the customer experience is impacted by suboptimal taste and unsatisfactory presentation. Keeping your beer faucets, lines, and kegs clean ensures that customers receive the best brew available every time.

Benefits of Regular Line Cleaning

Ensuring the Perfect Pour

Beer line cleaning helps you maintain the proper carbonation levels within your draft system, which enhances taste and assists in preserving the perfect pour each time. Line cleaning also makes it easier to achieve the desired head, improving your presentation.

Preserving Beer Quality and Flavor

By keeping draft lines clean, you can keep off-flavors to a minimum and preserve the aroma and flavor in each pint. Consistent cleaning ensures that your beers taste the way the brewer intended, so customers know what to expect each time they come back.

Extending the Life of Equipment

Clean lines and overall clean beer systems undergo less wear and tear and reduce the need for expensive, difficult repairs and maintenance costs down the road.

Health and Safety Regulations

In the food service industry, legal requirements for cleanliness and hygiene are the top priority. Pacific Tap Cleaning works with you to ensure your draft lines are always kept above requirements for hygiene, keeping your customers safe.

On top of legal issues, dirty lines also pose health risks to your patrons. Failing to maintain your draft lines can result in contaminant buildup and allergen cross-contamination, both of which can be dangerous to customers. By using Pacific Tap Cleaning as your beer line cleaner, you can be sure your customers will be safe and satisfied with each pour.

Customer Satisfaction and Business Impact

Clean beer lines enhance the customer experience, making them more likely to return and recommend your beer haven to friends. With the consistent taste and quality and appealing presentation that clean lines provide, your pub will become a top choice for beer lovers.

Consistency and quality also help you gain a loyal customer base, which means you'll boost word-of-mouth recommendations and repeat business. This is the name of the game. With a loyal following, you can avoid reputation damage and negative reviews, allowing your business to grow in its positive reputation as well as building a strong legacy and community watering hold.

Implementing an Effective Line Cleaning Schedule

To preserve the highest quality of your pours, Pacific Tap Cleaning highly recommends that you clean your draft system at least once every two weeks.

Steps to Clean Beer Lines

  1. Line flush: flushes water through the lines to get the beer out.
  2. Cleaning solution circulation: We then allow the solution to circulate to ensure the system is properly cleaned with our best in class process.
  3. Rinsing and sanitization: We then rinse the system with clean water to ensure the beer will be safe to drink, with no excess cleaner, and sanitize.
  4. Test for Ph to ensure we bring the system back to neutral and no chemical is left in the lines.

Partnering with Professional Line Cleaning Services

By outsourcing line cleaning services from a professional cleaning company, you can be assured that your lines are getting the highest-quality treatment available. Pacific Tap Cleaning has all the expertise and equipment you need to keep your draft beer fresh, tasty, and high-quality. With Pacific Tap Cleaning, you know you'll get consistent and thorough cleanings every time. We'll stick to your chosen cleaning schedule and work with you for your unique needs.

When choosing a professional tap cleaning service, consider the reputation and experience of the service you select. Also consider your customized cleaning schedule, and make sure you are cleaning every two weeks in order to get the maximum profits out of your beer system.


Consistent line cleaning is a necessity for any establishment serving beer on tap -- not just for legality, but for quality, taste, and safety. By keeping your lines clean with a proven process, you're one step closer to exceptional customer satisfaction. Contact Pacific Tap Cleaning to elevate your pub experience and get started on your beer line cleaning journey today!

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